Living Options

Senior Living & Assisted Living in Woburn, MA

Lifestyles at New Horizons vary from resident to resident. Some senior living residents have a personal vehicle and continue to volunteer or work a part-time job. Others are “snow birds” and head south for the coldest weeks of winter. Most residents are fully retired and use the services of New Horizons for shopping, meals, and leisure activities. Retirement-style living at New Horizons can meet the needs and preferences of a wide variety of seniors, certainly also to include those desiring assisted living.

Shopping, companion, and numerous other services are also available, including outside home care agencies that can provide up to 24/7 assistance and skilled nursing. Private care managers can also assist with navigating complex medical situations, residents desiring assistance with medical appointments, etc. Multiple local area hospice providers have worked with New Horizons residents and their families to meet end-of-life preferences. Our on-site resident services coordinator and director of wellness can help identify the services that will best meet your preferences and needs.

For a list of available services, check out Services and Amenities.

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