2021 Rates


$2,425 - $2,995 per month

One Bedroom

$2,995 - $3,795

Two Bedroom

$3,795 - $4,495

Second Occupant


Other Services

Self Administered
Medication Management

$300 per month

Included in Assisted Living

(Wash, fold, and delivery)

$100 per month

Included in Assisted Living

Assisted Living Services

$1,886 per month

See Assisted Living for details

Entrance Fee

One way New Horizons ensures lower-than-average rates for all residents is by collecting a fully refundable entrance fee, which drastically reduces the likelihood of a resident defaulting on his/her obligations to the community. Unlike such deposits at most facilities, the full $30,000 deposit is 100 percent refundable to either the resident or his/her estate upon the resident's departure from the community.


Both New Horizons are strictly not-for-profit communities owned by Cummings Foundation, one of the largest private foundations in New England. Cummings Foundation awards more than $25 million annually, and has awarded more than $280 million to date to support Greater Boston nonprofits.

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