Applying for Residency

Application for Residency

Physician's Statement

Guarantor’s Financial Disclosure

  • Requires notary, available on complimentary basis at New Horizons
  • Guarantor is not the applicant and is often the next of kin, etc.

Sample Continuing Guaranty

Disclosure of Rights and Services

Consumer’s Guide

Consumer Guide Receipt

How Can New Horizons Afford to Do What it Does?

After the above documents are completed and a $50 non-refundable application fee is received, New Horizons will generally set up a meeting to further discuss residency, available services, and how New Horizons can best meet your desires and expectations. After meeting, we will be in contact to discuss available options. Typically, we will then ask for a fully refundable entrance fee. Upon receipt, you will advance to the wait list. Once on the wait list, we will contact you as apartments become available for occupancy.